Monday, October 22, 2012

Sized Fitted Tester Template

Someone requested a sized fitted template.  This is just a first draft "tester" plan.  The snap placements are just guesses as I don't have a chance to sew any up and see how they actually line up.  I have the template up on Google Docs for now.

I didn't add any elastic casing guides or seam lines yet.  The idea for this one is for a basic serged outer fitted.  The elastic would run along the mostly-straight middle area and across the middle 50% of the back.  :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Online Free Downloads

* If you are new to my diaper-sewing blog, please start HERE.  My pattern templates were not designed to be used with rolled/zig-zagged elastic or the tack&turn cased elastic method.

My diaper pattern templates are up on google docs.
DO NOT allow your print settings to "scale to fit!"
If there is an option of choosing a printed scale percentage, then just type 100%.

Templates : Blog Posts Showing them sewn-up

OS Squaretab : (10-30lbs) AI2 shell or cover - easy pocket, front envelope pocket, double welt, AIO pictorial
Longer Wing OS Squaretab
NB/S Squaretab : (6-15lbs) AI2 shell - easy pocket, double pocketpocket/AI2 hybridAIO
Universal NB Squaretab (approx. 6-11lbs)
Sized Squaretab Templates X-SmallSmallMediumLargeX-Large : pocket AIO pictorial
OS 3x3 Roundwing
OS Fold-In Fitted : serged, T&T, T&T with print outer
Sized Fold-In Fitteds X-SmallSmallMediumLarge : post
(ignore the fold-in parts and use for sized fitteds as well)
OS Multiwing Fitted : serged w/ middle-wings
OS and M-L Soaker
M-L Fitted : (14-30lbs) post
NB/S Fitted : (6-14lbs depending on materials used) post
NB/S Serged Fitted : (6-14lbs depending on materials used) pictorial
NB/S Serged AIO/AI2 : pictorial
Newborn Contour Soaker
Sized Fitted Tester
OS Snap-In Cover System Cover/Shell, Fitted, Fitted Soaker, Soaker Sleeve : post 1, post 2
OS FOE Cover : post
NB/S FOE Cover : original, updated
NB FOE Cover w/Umb Snap : post
OS T&T Cover
Mock Grobaby AI2 Shell (more complex PDF with assembly sections) : post
Flip-Style Cover + 2013 Style Elemental Soaker : pictorial, follow-up
NB/S Tuckable Cover : pictorial
Pull-Up Trainers : FOE Small, FOE Large, Combo and Cased Small + Large, FOE pictorialCombo pictorial, Cased elastic pictorial, Soaker/Insert templates for trainers
Preemie DiapersSize 1 (approx. 3-5lbs), Size 2 (approx. 4.5-6lbs)
T&T Doll Diaper - pictorial
Keychain Diaper - pictorial
FOE Small Doll Diaper : post
Mama Cloth : post 1, post 2

** My friend Kara set up this wonderful general cloth diaper sewing resource as well!