Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Squaretab Newborn AI2

My husband's co-worker had a new baby... so, I HAD to break out the sewing machine! I mean seriously, who can resist newborn fluff?

2-rises and small enough to even be a 'sposie cover...
Recognize that pattern teaser from the last post... ;)
But I top-stitched first to make it a ruffled AI2 shell...
Elastic added.
Plus a 4-layer snap-in long-fold soaker.
I hope they like it!!


  1. Super cute! and what a great gift!

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  3. hi arfy, could you please tell me what fabrics you used for the shell of this diaper (i know the outer fabric is pul but wondered what other fabric you used with it) also would those fabrics be fine for a larger ai2 provided the absorbancy was enough in the insert. thanks

    1. This one was just PUL outer (full panel of pink, and partial cuts of white) and antipill fleece inner. Yup. They'd work for any size as long as your insert has enough absorbency. :)

  4. Hi Arfy -

    I was wondering what weight your newborn diapers fit? Thank you.

  5. Hi Arfy,
    This will be my first time making an AI2, my best friend is due in October and is thinking about cloth. I'd love to send her some of these. I'm not sure by the pictures, about the inside? Is it just 2 layers of PUL, one inside one outside? You mentioned fleece above, so outside PUL, inside fleece? Could I use bamboo fleece instead of antipil?
    I have made a few of your OS square tabs, love them! Now just trying to make it look nice! First time sewing!

    1. You never want to use an absorbent inner fabric for an AI2 shell. The inside of this one is poly fleece. Anti-pill. You could also use wicking pique or suedecloth etc. Make sure you use a small gauge (no bigger than 10/11) ballpoint or microtex sharp needles and 100% polyester thread as well.

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