Sunday, November 25, 2012

One-Size Stay-Dry All-in-One

This pictorial is for a stay-dry All-in-One diaper.  I used my one-size square tab template with the AIO inner template.
For my absorbent body contour and petal soaker sections, I used a couple layers of 100% cotton fleece and a wicking jersey stay-dry top layer.

I serged the petal soaker, but you can also T&T it or make a stay-dry outer rectangular sleeve and then top-stitch it together with the absorbent inner fabrics.
I use a little bit of fabric glue to secure my contour soaker in place inside the cut-out inner PUL.  I don't pre-sew the contour layers together though.  I just pin.
Sew your contour soaker piece into your cut-out inner PUL.
Detail of the small tight zig-zag stitch I use.

Pin your petal soaker down in place.
Sew your petal soaker down at the ends.  I use a tight yet tall well-secured zig-zag stitch.
 You're assembled body pieces (I used washable glue stick to secure the suedecloth snap-backing).
Apply your rise and front panel snaps (or velcro).
 Pin down your petal soaker in the middle so it doesn't get caught in any sewing.
Pin or clip your assembled body pieces with their outsides facing together/inward.  Notice the little trick around the edges to prevent the foot from sticking to the PUL...  ;)

 Sew your body pieces.
 Perfect foot-width suedecloth edging...  ;)
All sewn together.
Trim and round your corners.

Turn through your turning hole.

Sew your elastic casings and install your elastics.  Then close up the turning hole while top-stitching.

Here is a detail photo between the leg elastics.  It shows the wicking jersey stay-dry layers and the absorbent under-side of the petal soaker.
Detail of the inside stitch-work.
 ... and wing snaps.
Top-stitching detail.
 Wing snaps and top-stitching detail.



  1. I've been looking for this pattern/instructions everywhere! I think I love you.

  2. Arfy, when you are using inner PUL, are you using it with the fabric side toward the bum? I'd like to do 1 or 2 aio's for my sister who's due in May but am clueless as to how to do them.

    And I'm assuming that you don't sew the top petal all the way down to assist with cleaning and drying, correct?

    1. I would also like an answer to this. Just to clarify, you're using two layers of PUL, laminated sides together in the finished product, correct?

  3. Hi again, and thanks for this great tutorial. I followed these instructions and my finished product is leaking! I think I am still confused about fleece, I'm wondering if what I have is polyester instead of cotton. Polyester wicks and cotton absorbs, correct? So, I covered a wicking material with a wicking material I suppose, the only place for the urine to go was out to her pants! Am I reading correctly that you used 2 layers of cotton fleece for each the contour and each individual petal? And each double layer of cotton fleece was covered with one layer of a wicking material? Also, would the fact that it hasn't been washed affect its ability to absorb? I "sealed" it in a hot dryer, but didn't wash before use. Thank you if you are able to help me!!!!

    1. The wrong materials would for sure cause that problem. 100% cotton fleece isn't something that most fabric stores carry. I buy mine online. There is only stay-dry wicking fabric over the body contour piece and over the top of the long rectangle piece. I used wicking jersey which is much thinner than microfleece.
      Not all poly fleece is wicking either. Anti-pill and Blizzard are repelling. Microfleece is very thin compared to them.

  4. Thanks for the information- I think I can salvage this diaper by cutting out the petals and using a trifold. I will have to get some cotton or bamboo fleece!!! I appreciate all the time you spend posting and helping!

  5. Hello Arfy! I am interested in making my first diaper. I really like AIO's and pockets. Are there any patterns you would recommend that uses only natural fibers and that would be easy for a beginner?

    1. I assume you mean just a natural fiber inner... since there isn't any way to make an AIO out of only natural fibers. You could make an AI2 with a wool shell (that would be called a WI2/wool-in-two). As for what pattern to use, you can really use ANY pattern for any type of diaper. How you assemble it and layer it is what will dictate the type of diaper it becomes. :)

  6. Hello! I have tried to email you. What dimensions is this diaper?

  7. ok, I am confused, you use 2 layers of PUL? if so, how does the contour absorb if there is PUL between it and the soaker?

    1. The inner PUL is cut-out in the middle. It is just a frame around the contour. You could also use something like repelling fleece there instead. It should just be something non-absorbent.

    2. So after you sew in the contour do you just go back and cut out behind it? A picture of all the materials laid out and unassembled would be helpful, I think.

    3. The inner piece is not a full piece of PUL. It is just the outside. You cut it before sewing in the contour. Not after. Also, it doesn't HAVE to be PUL. It could also be polyester fleece or another non-absorbent fabric. The purpose of that piece is as leak/wick-prevention. To keep the moisture in the middle of the diaper with the contour soaker and the rectangular soaker.

    4. so For this cut-out piece it would be okay to use more of the athletic wicking fabric?

  8. Replies
    1. Polyurethane laminated polyester knit fabric. It is the outer fabric in waterproof diaper covers and any cloth diaper that doesn't need a cover at all. Like pocket diapers, All-in-ones, etc.

  9. Im looking for "adult" cloth diapers, do you have any pattern? Thank you so much!!

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