Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mama Cloth

I'll work up the pdf templates for two different sewing styles of mama cloth (cloth menstrual pads and panty liners) soon.  For now, I'll put up template graphics of one type and a pictorial of another.  ;)

Lets start with our pieces cut out without any extra seam allowance around the soaker pieces.  Here I have one layer zorb 2 and one layer cotton fleece for the contour soaker.  Then I have wicking jersey for the stay-dry topper and white PUL for the waterproof underside layer.  You could use fleece instead of PUL as well.

** I need to remind myself to occasionally mention again that, when sewing with PUL, you need to use a small ballpoint or microtex needle (size 8 to 11 tops) and 100% polyester thread.  :)  PUL items should also be washed and then dried initially and then occasionally in the dryer to seal/re-seal those sewing holes.

My soaker pinned into place on just the stay-dry layer (you can use microfleece, bamboo velour, or really any fabric you want for your topper as well):
 Just use a wide straight stitch and sew to the topper about 1/2" from the edge all the way around the soaker.
 What it looks like from the top side:
 Next, pin or clip your backing and top layer facing each other:
 Sew around the edges leaving one edge open and turn through that opening:
 Next, close up your turning hole with your top-stitching and sew all the way around the edge:
Next, zig-zag OR straight stitch around the very edge of your soaker through all your layers.  I just use my foot to gauge how far the edge is.  When I was sewing the soaker into the topper, I gauged off the foot, so now I just do it the same way but in from that seam I made then.  :)  Perfect border stitch every time (when I actually pay attention to the edge of my foot that is).
 You can stop here and add your wing snap(s), or you can do more top-stitching.

 Top with wet-zone border and snaps added:
 Underside all snapped up:
 Wrapped up nice and tidy:


  1. What other soaker material would you suggest for daytime and night time besides Zorb?

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