Monday, April 1, 2013


I know I mention and show top-stitching a lot, but I see a lot of beginners either forgetting to top-stitch entirely, or doing a very uneven job of it.  It is one part of my sewing that I usually really try to take my time with.  Something as simple as messy top-stitching can totally change the look of a diaper (or any sewn item).  I am for sure not as detail-oriented as some of my friends, but it is something I try to take a little bit of time with.  Especially when sewing up a gift or an item for selling.

My friend Eliana uses a special foot that controls the distance of the needle from the outer edge.  I am too lazy to always be changing my feet, but I do make a visual note of where my edge aligns with my foot, and I watch that point while I am sewing to keep it consistent.  :)

Here are some detail views of one of the diapers from the previous post.


  1. Out of curiosity, what is the foot called?

  2. your top stitching is beautiful

  3. Super happy to see this post :) You always show so much care. A total giving personality. Thankful for you!

  4. You can use a blind hem foot for this, or an actual guide foot. Both will get the job done!

    1. I know this. But many people don't have extra feet and do their sewing all with the one basic foot their machine comes with. I have a blind hem foot, but honestly, I am too lazy to change out my feet (other than when I need the walking foot.)

    2. im too lazy to change my cotton somtimes .''