Friday, June 28, 2013

Preemie Testers

I made two sizes of preemie tester templates (based on a request) today.

Size 1 Template (about 3-4.5lbs) and Size 2 Template (about 4-6lbs)...  all depending on girth, development, and build...

A fitted made from the size 1 template from stretchy fabrics like interlock, knit, bamboo or cotton fleece, or T-shirts is actually a size 2 (approx. 4-6lbs), and a PUL FOE cover for it should be made from the size 2 template.  For smaller preemies (too small to be brought home and most NICUs won't use home-made CDs), make a cover from the size 1 (with the foldable dip and not the snap-down) template and sew lay-in contour pads/soakers using the inner soaker shape of the template.  :)

Here is a size 1 PUL pocket diaper next to my XS pocket AIO (which is a pretty typical newborn sized AIO).

 Size 1 front pocket diaper (stuffed with a rectangular insert) with 1/4" elastic.


  1. So as a total newbie to cloth diapers (but not to sewing) are there instructions for this somewhere? I saw the sewing a diaper start to finish, but I am not sure what I need to put in the diaper to absorb liquids (or how to attach it) Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much for these patterns!

    1. So this is the general shape template. You would follow the specific instructions for whatever TYPE of diaper you want to make that template into. It could be a fitted diaper, any style of pocket diaper (as shown), or even an all-in-one. There are links on the right side top for the different types of each of those and how to make them using the basic template. I liked the preemie best as a pocket diaper because it is already so small. Then you can adjust the amount of absorbency, and really, I would likely just use cheap washcloths trifolded as the pocket inserts for these. Are you expecting a very small preemie? My friend who works in a NICU says that very few hospitals allow outside cloth diapers for the small preemies. I was able to gift a stash of the larger size of them for a friend who had preemie twins. But, many hospitals don't even release preemies smaller than 4lbs (plus carseat minimum sizes and all)...

    2. My best friend's sister just had a preemie. He is expected to be 4lbs when he is allowed to go home. So I was asked to make just a few as he grows into the ones that they had already bought!

      Thanks for the help, I will look through the links some more!

    3. This is the pocket style that I used in the above pic:

  2. Do you need to add a seam allowance or does the pattern already have a seam allowance?