Friday, June 28, 2013

Preemie Testers

I made two sizes of preemie tester templates (based on a request) today.

Size 1 Template (about 3-4.5lbs) and Size 2 Template (about 4-6lbs)...  all depending on girth, development, and build...

A fitted made from the size 1 template from stretchy fabrics like interlock, knit, bamboo or cotton fleece, or T-shirts is actually a size 2 (approx. 4-6lbs), and a PUL FOE cover for it should be made from the size 2 template.  For smaller preemies (too small to be brought home and most NICUs won't use home-made CDs), make a cover from the size 1 (with the foldable dip and not the snap-down) template and sew lay-in contour pads/soakers using the inner soaker shape of the template.  :)

Here is a size 1 PUL pocket diaper next to my XS pocket AIO (which is a pretty typical newborn sized AIO).

 Size 1 front pocket diaper (stuffed with a rectangular insert) with 1/4" elastic.

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