Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Different Types of Pocket Openings

There are basically as many types of pockets as your imagination can come up with, but this blog entry is just a place for me to add the links for the types I have (and will) covered in my blog.

More to come...


  1. I am wondering about pocket diaper materials. Most everywhere I've looked it says you should use a stay-dry material like microfleece for the inner fabric. Could I use cotton flannel? It seems to be ok for fitteds. I have a ton of cotton flannel and a lot of PUL and am wondering if I can make do with what I have instead of spending more money on this project. I really love pocket diapers. Thanks!

    1. If you use a cotton inner, you're more likely to have pee wick to the clothes worn over the diaper. It also won't be feel-dry. You CAN try, bu you should be very caeful when sewing your casings to make sure the PUL extends out further than the flannel. Also, when top-stitching around the rest of the diaper, push the cotton in further than the PUL as well. Otherwise, pee will wick all around and you'll get very bad leaks. There are other styles you can make if you want a cotton inner layer, but they all require extra steps and some require different cutting templates. Like you could make a diaper similar to the Blueberry Simplex with a cotton inner.
      Also, you'll lose all stretch if you use flannel. PUL, microfleece, wicking jersey, and even suedecloth to a lesser degree have side-to-side stretch which helps with fit. Flannel is a woven fabric and doesn't have any stretch.

    2. Thank you so much for such a thorough and thoughtful response!