Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mail Slot Pocket Opening

I call this the "mail slot" style pocket opening, but I know some people call it "envelope pocket"...  I guess that makes sense: mail slot/envelope.  ;)

Faces inward to each other. Slit and sew around your opening.
 Notch out for turning.
 Turn the back through the front.
 View from the back.
 Top-stitch around the opening.
 View from the back.
 Trim excess.

Go HERE to the downloads post for an easier place to begin your cloth diaper sewing journey.  :)


  1. What is the white fabric? Is it interfacing? Also, how long is that and the slit to be and how far down from the top of the diaper? to sewing...tia!!!

    1. For the sample, I used white suedecloth on the pink microfleece. Really just for color contrast for clearer photos and a sharper folded edge.