Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pocket Fitted Diapers Revisited

Pocket fitted diapers are a really great first style of diaper to sew.  Just use recycled absorbent fabrics or some inexpensive flannel and sew a few for practice before you dive into things like PUL, wicking jersey, or expensive absorbent fabrics like bamboo or hemp fleece.  :)

I've made these two variations out of some flannel scraps I had leftover from an old project and a recycled cotton hospital blanket that my son was sent home with after a surgical procedure a couple years ago.

You can make them with or without closures (snaps or hook & loop), and you can stuff them with pretty much anything.  You can utilize an old microfiber insert or shop towel, old t-shirts folded up, a prefold, small towels or washcloths...  pretty much any absorbent item.

*For a pocket fitted or any back leading edge pocket, you'll want to leave a bit of the outer fabric longer in the middle to allow for the back elastic casing.  It will be folded inward and sewn to create an elastic channel later on.

If you will be sewing without a serger, then you'll want to make them "turned and top-stitched."  To do that, you start with your cut and prepared fabrics and have the "faces" facing inward toward eachother.
For this example, I will be sewing a serged version though.  You will sew or serge starting just outside where you want your pocket opening to be at the rear edge.
 Then sew/serge out around the wings, down the sides, around the front, and back around to the same point on the other side of the back. (* For a T&T style, you'll invert the diaper after sewing around the outside and before sewing your elastic casings)
 Here you can see how I've left the outer fabric longer in the middle of the back.
 Now you fold that flap inward leaving enough room to thread your elastic through once sewn.
 Sew down the flap to create your back elastic casing.  Make sure you'll be able to access the edges to thread your elastic through.
 Sew your leg elastic casing channels as well, and then install your elastics and sew down the edges of the pocket opening securely.  For a turned diaper, you would then do your top-stitching as well.
Here is a closureless T&T style pocket fitted diaper.
The completed serged pocket fitted diaper next to the T&T style.

 Showing a fold-over rise:

These diapers were made using my M-L Fitted template.

All my diaper templates can be downloaded free here:

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  1. Hello!

    Can you explain how you serged the flap and the inner layer at the pocket opening?

    The only way I figure is you started serging both layers at one side of the pocket opening, serged the whole diaper then only the inner layer once you reached the other side of the pocket opening (folding the flap out of the way)? Then removed the diaper form the serger and then serged the flap before sewing it down? Just trying to streamline the process...I would like to do a double opening and trying am to figure the fastest way to serge it all...

    However I also worry about the inserts popping out in this style while being worn? Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks for any info you can provide!