Monday, August 15, 2011

Amazon Contour Fitted Diaper #2

Today's amazon contour-to-fitted tutorial uses two cotton flannel contour diapers to make one heavy-duty fitted diaper. :) I'll post up a better finished photo after diaper laundry when the marker is washed out. ;)

What you'll need:
- 3/8" braided elastic
- 2 amazon cotton flannel contours
- safety pins
- sewing machine (only a straight basic stitch is needed)
- thread (I used contrasting for more visibility, but white would look VERY clean)
- scissors

(optional - snaps, velcro, or diaper pins)

Lay one contour over the other.
Trace or sketch your general diaper shape leaving seam allowance.
Cut your two body panels out together.
Cut off the 4 largest chunks of the remaining scrap pieces to be used to extend the wings.
Sew them onto the wings.
(Sew your velcro now if you are doing velcro closures.)
Lay both diapers together with the "ugly sides" out and trim up the wing and back shape.
Sew (or serge) around all but the middle 7" at the back.
Turn right-side-out.
Sew your leg elastic casing channels.
Thread your elastics through with a safety pin, tack, stretch, tack, and trim...
Sew your back elastic casing channel.
Thread and tack your elastic, sew up the back/top of your diaper, and do all your top-stitching.
Add snaps if desired. I did a two-rise fold-over rise snap layout. (the marker will all wash right out)

After about an hour of wear, they rest a little low on my 28lb 36" tall toddler's hips, but they fit fine and move well with her. There are two snap settings wider remaining in the hip width too.
I had her crawl around the floor to make sure the rise was high enough over her butt for a larger crawling baby, and they passed that test just fine too. :)
I would guess that the total materials cost for this diaper are under $1.20. Considering the cost of the elastic used, the thread used, the snaps used, and the two contours ($0.67 for them). It would be under $1 if pinned. It was very quick to make too.

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