Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upcycled Wool Shorties

This is a pair of cashmere+wool blend shorties using a slight variation on the Katrina Longies/Shorties pattern (I dip my front further and narrow the hips to fit my kids best).

You'll need:
- wool or cashmere sweater (at least 80%)
- 100% polyester thread (you can zigzag with a normal sewing machine or use a serger)
- safety pins

Trace your pattern page onto your sweater and then flip over so you have two mirror image pieces.
I also serged up the bottoms in preparation for when I finish off the legs, but this is purely optional.
Cut the waistband piece from either a complimenting color sweater or the same sweater.
For longies, I sew the legs first. For shorties, I sew the body/trunk first.
Pin along where you will be sewing.
Sew or serge up the edges. Leave the leg sections unsewn.
Shift the seams to the middle at the front and back and pin.
Sew or serge around the leg to crotch to leg.
Fold up and hem the leg cuffs with a zig-zag stitch for shorties or you can just use a straight stitch for longies.
Turn right-side-out.
Sew or serge up one side of the waistband piece.
Fold and pin to the outside of the waistband (lining up the seam with the back seam on the body piece).
Zig zag or serge around while stretching just the waistband piece appropriately as you go to match up with the body piece.
Fold up the waistband and you have your shorties!
Wash and lanolize and they're ready to wear over a fitted diaper, prefold, or flat! :)

These are a size Large on my 28lb 36" tall daughter Sara (She is between a M and L):
When I make fleece versions I make the waistband about twice as wide. I do the same thing for newborn size to make them more adjustable. Fold over the wider waistband to sit below the cord, and fold up to fit better and a little longer. :)

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