Wednesday, August 17, 2011

T&T Pocket Fitted Diaper

I ran out of black thread... BUT, it makes it easier for you to see the stitching this way. ;)

To follow up the last tutorial, I decided to do turned and top-stitched version of the same diaper. This one has about half the absorbency though and would rely more on inserts.
Cut your fabric. I am using recycled pajama pant fabric and cotton terry (towel fabric) for this one's absorbent layers.
I sewed in an extra terry layer for the wet-zone.
Sew on the front "loops" velcro strip through these two fabric layers.
Lay over your inner fabric (I am using black Alova suedecloth again). This time have your outer print facing the soft side of the suedecloth. Pin or clip.
Sew or serge around all of the outside except about 7" in the middle of the back.
Turn right-side-out.
Sew your leg elastic casing channels.
Thread, tack, stretch, tack, and trim your elastic.
Sew the edge down on the inner fabric to make the pocket opening. Then sew your elastic casing channels for the back elastic (leave enough open on the sides to thread the elastic).
Thread, tack, stretch, tack, and trim your back elastic. Then sew up the edges of the back fabric there and do your top-stitching.
Sew on your velcro tabs and laundry tabs.
Here it is stuffed with a Bumgenius one-size microfiber insert plus a cotton/hemp insert.
That would be one fluffy butt! However, it is a good overnight solution for heavy-wetters. :)

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  1. I need to try this! DS is outgrowing his WAHM fitteds and I don't want to buy more lol...where did you get your pattern??