Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Replacing bad or damaged elastics (by hand)

Specifically in the old BG AIO diapers... but this method will work with most types of diapers with cased elastics.  If working with a pocket diaper, you can open the casings from the inside.

Today's post is at the request of a fan.
"Do think you could someday do one about how to replace elastic? I have made so many BGs sooo ugly trying to do that!"

What you'll need:
- Diaper with worn/damaged/broken elastic
- 100% polyester thread (BG outer seams are white)
- seam-ripper
- small safety pin
- needle
- BG uses 1/4" polyester braided elastic (some other brands and many WAHMs use 3/8")
- small sharp scissors (not pictured)

Use your seam-ripper to open up the very edge of the elastic casing channel.
Outer seam is opened as much as you'll need (around 1/2").
There is a second row of stitching further inside that you will also have to seam-rip.
Cut the old elastic off as close to the casing edge as you can without cutting any fabric or stitching.
Repeat the casing edge seam-ripping on the other side. Pull out the old dead elastic and cut off as close to the casing edge as possible. :)
Use a safety pin to feed your new elastic through the casing.
Out the other side...
Sew a stitch or two through the end of your elastic.
Tack it to only the inner suedecloth side for a few stitches.

Close up the outside with very small stitches right at the very edge.
Stretch to the desired tension, and use your safety pin to hold the elastic to the fabric about 1/2" from the end of the casing.
Sew through at about 1/4" in from the end of where you'll be cutting your elastic... and cut.
Tack a few stitches through to the inner suedecloth side, and then sew the opening back up.
One leg elastic replaced and all stitched back up.
For the back elastic, you can open up the casing seams from the inside and not worry about doing quite as clean of a sew-up job. ;)

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