Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Wing pattern for Tutsy

My friend wanted a rounded long-wing pattern suitable for snap-down rise AI2 diapers. Based on her requirements, I came up with this. Each of the smaller image segments are sized so they can be printed on letter size printer paper. Click on them for the full-size image and save. Do NOT scale to fit your printer area. (I have been told by a reader that for some reason she had to print them to scale to 133% to get the 1" square correct. I have no idea why my images got messed up for size, but that is an easy enough fix, right?) I probably should have made the background a light grey to make this easy... Oh well. ;) You'll figure it out.

The total rise without the seam-allowance should be 19 inches.

She asked for this modification too...
Here is a sample cutting layout on a 3 yard sheet of fabric with a 53" width (heavy bamboo fleece from naturesfabrics.com is 54" wide, and my blizzard fleece from Jo-ann Fabrics is about 58" wide).
If you had 57" width to work with and shortened the wings by 2" each, this is what 3 yards would give you:
That pattern:

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  1. I feel silly asking this, but is this a cover or an actual absorbent diaper? Do you have to lanolize the fleece if it's a cover? What would you use as an absorbent diaper within this diaper? I've been cloth diapering (prefolds with PUL covers) for 17 months now, but am just now getting into making my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!