Monday, November 23, 2015

A Different Kind of Holiday Give-Away

I am currently applying to be a host for the "Share The Love" program with Cotton Babies (I had my phone interview today.) Over the past 3 years, I volunteered with The Rebecca Foundation, and I donated regularly to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope before that.

This season, I want to do a holiday give-away. I want to do something a little different than my usual annual diaper shower cloth diaper cake. I want you to think of ANOTHER family you know that is expecting a new baby (their due date after January 1st) and wants to cloth diaper but needs some support. Someone you know personally in your area. Maybe even a relative.

Write me a letter telling me about this person/family (no real names.) Tell me why you want to help them and what the gift of giving diapering help would mean to them and you.

Letters must be received by December 14th because of Christmas shipping deadlines.

** This contest is open to anyone in the United States of America (I WISH it could be open to more of my international readers, but shipping outside the USA would just be too complicated and expensive for me.) If you are outside of the USA and really want to participate but would be able to help me with shipping costs, write that along with your letter.

- The winner will receive a mixed variety of about 10 newborn size cloth diapering options. You can choose boy, girl, or gender neutral for colors/prints that may be included. It will be packaged attractively and ready to be your holiday gift to them. I don't say "Christmas gift" because I am not personally a Christian, and I can only assume many of you out there in the internet universe reading this are not either.  :)

- Two honorable mentions will receive a box containing diaper-sewing supplies. PUL, absorbent fabrics, hook & loop, snaps, fold-over-elastic, microfleece or wicking jersey, etc.

I will publish the letters from the three winners on my blog.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Reversible Heavy-Wetter T-Shirt Fitted Diaper

One of my husband's work shirts got a few holes and stains on it, and this morning he said to me, "you can do whatever you want with it."  Muah ha ha...  So, I'm sure you all know immediately where my mind went!

More T-shirt diapers!!!

I also got a free Seahawks T-shirt at one of the home games last Winter, but they only had large sizes.

So...  How about a reversible 2-T-shirt fitted diaper? Great for older heavy-wetting babies or overnights.  :)

 I used my M/L fitted template for this. I cut off the sleeves to begin with.
I traced it on the first T-shirt, and used scissors to cut out just one layer.
 View with the shirt opened up.
Really, the T-shirt is just like cotton jersey fabric yardage. 
 Then, I used my rotary cutter to cut out all the other layers.

 2 layers of one shirt, and 2 layers of the other.
 Faces inward, and from here you just follow my basic diaper tutorial for the shell.
 Next, just cut up the remaining yardage into your soaker/insert.
I decided to use my non-serged insert/soaker method.  It seemed the most practical.
I had enough fabric for a 7-8 layer soaker/insert out of each shirt.
 Everything all ready to stitch up.
All sewn up! A walking foot is your best friend with jersey fabrics.

 For smaller size babies, you can fold down the rise and just use one of the inserts.

 Then add the second when they start to pee more or move up to the higher rises.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Side-Snapping Katrina's Soaker

 Katrina's soaker patterns can be easily modified to make side-snapping (or velcro) covers.
All you do is extend the sides of the body piece about 3/4" at the sides.  Then you don't sew the leg and waist pieces all the way to the ends, and just fold over the edges of the body piece so you have the thicker edges for applying snaps.

 Then just apply your snaps or velcro.
 Go Hawks!   ;)

 Sea-hawks.... I have mentioned I am in Seattle before, right?  ;)