Wednesday, April 4, 2012

T&T Doll Diaper

Just a basic no-elastic and no absorbency doll diaper template... I am thinking of trying a few with PUL outers or just 2 layers of fleece with removable inside soakers for wetting dolls.


  1. If you put a little elastic around the legs/back, you could totally use that for a preemie diaper!

  2. hehehe Yeah. I do elastic in the legs (sewn into the inner seam allowance 3-step zig-zag style) for the dolls with skinny legs. I only use 2 layers for dolls though. If it were to be a real diaper, it'd need more crotch width just for containment and to have enough absorbency.

  3. My niece has a Baby Alive doll that wets and I was thinking about making a couple of diapers for her. Any suggestions?