Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snaps to Hook and Loop Conversion

The natural progression from snap-on/off tabs on a hook and loop diaper seems to be snapping on tabs and front loop to a snapping diaper to convert it to a hook and loop diaper?  I guess so!

Plus this...
Equals this...

Simple process to create a little hook and loop snap-conversion kit.  You just put a few stud-backed snaps on a loop strip wide enough to cover your front panel snaps entirely...  Then make a couple snap-on H&L tabs with sockets on the top to attach to your wing stud snaps (or however you do your snaps).
 Secure your front panel loop strip:
 Attach your new tabs to your wing snaps:
 And now you have turned your snapping diaper into a hook and loop diaper!

Now, you can use that same "kit" on any diapers with the same snap layout.  :)

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