Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snaps PLUS Aplix Combo

So, the next logical progression would be a diaper that is natively both snaps and hook and loop ready. Right?
You begin as if you'll be making a H&L diaper... EXCEPT using a wider loop strip.  I used 2 inch to be sure all the front snaps had enough room.
 Next mark where your front snaps go.  I used long-prong just to be safe, but I think regular should work too.
 Apply your snaps.  I did the top row sockets and the bottom studs so the laundry line trick will work as well.
 Then just sew up the diaper as usual, but add an extra upward-facing socket wing snap between the normal wing snaps on each wing.  Also, these H&L tabs only have a single snap each.
 Inside view.
 In snapping mode:
 In hook and loop mode:
 And...  the old line-drying trick! 

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