Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seamless Extended-Wing Prefitted Example

Jahnavi from is brilliant with her seamless extended wing prefitteds. Such a simple solution that just never even occurred to me before she released that tut.
(UPDATE: It has come to my attention that her tutorial is down, so there are more visuals in some of my other tutorials showing the prep for this method: )

However, I had never made prefitteds with a cover fabric before that either. So, I'll forgive my brain for not thinking of it first. ;)

So, here is my prefold all cut down like her tutorial explains. From here you can really either make a serged or a turned and top-stiched (T&T) fitted. Having that outer/top layer really gives a lot of options!
Trim down that little bit of excess fabric down one side around where your leg elastic casing will be:
Lay over your fabric (I'm just using flannel here) and cut out your top fabric layer:
Use your cutting scraps to make a doubler/soaker for inside:
Here is all your cut fabric pinned together and ready to start sewing:
From there, I just did my "basic serged prefitted" method:
I did a fold-over rise with snaps for this example:
All done on the inside:
Highest rise closed up:
Lowest rise closed up:


  1. Arfy, what kind of prefold are you using here? It looks so much flatter than mine...will this still work on a quilted up prefold? (read that as well-loved quilted up prefold =)

  2. Yeah, I used an unprepped prefold for the tutorial merely because it is what I had on-hand for my shop. In the past, I have always made them with well-prepped and pre-loved prefolds for myself and friends. They work just as well that way. Just make sure to pre-wash/pre-shrink the cotton outer fabric before sewing as well. :)

  3. Replies
    1. There are a row of sockets facing the front and a row facing the back. When you fold the top down/over, you can still snap it up but at a lower/smaller rise.

  4. the original tutorial is no longer coming up, would you have a cutting guide for this?

    1. It would only need one more photo to show clearly how it is done. The template is still my own. It is only the idea I stole. ;) I'll take a new photo the next time I get my hands on some prefolds. Basically, you just cut around your template centered on the prefold. Ignore the ends of the wings at first. THEN, cut just through two layers from the bottom edge of the wings in to the middle seams. Then up/down along the outside of the middle seams. Then fold those flaps outward and then re-trace from your long-wing template and cut off whatever you don't need while cleaning up the wings. :)

    2. Like here: