Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Squaretab AI2 design into a Pocket Diaper



These will be your two fabric pieces that make up your pocket diaper inner. Stitch down the finished sides as shown below.

Secure your two pocket fabric pieces together leaving the defined pocket opening shown below.
Sew your laundry loop tabs in place (if using H&L).

Turn over your joined inner pocket pieces and tack your wing hook & loop tabs in place between the two layers (if using H&L). They will flip outward when the diaper is turned right-side-out.

Sew all the way around and turn through the pocket opening. Then add your top-stitching and elastic casings as marked in the AI2 template. :)

** You can easily add a strip of PUL at the front of the inner pocket fabric as well like Bumgenius and Sunbaby do. You would incorporate that just before you attach the pocket body with the top flap pieces.

OR... make it into an AIO...


  1. can i get this emailed to me?

  2. Hi, can I get this emailed to me as well? Thanks

  3. Hi, Can you please email this pattern to me too? This will fit NB to toddler right? Thanks

  4. Can I get this pattern emailed to me?

  5. Can I get this PDF and the ruffle butt PDF emailed to me please.