Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diaper Cake Drawing Winner #1

The baby shower for the first drawing winner is tomorrow.  She will be picking up her diaper cake this morning.  I didn't take any detail pics, but I hope she sends some action shots once the baby is born!

There are 2 premium, 3 regular, 5 infant, and 7 preemie prefolds from  The topper is cloth wipes.  Then around each tier are OS diapers on the bottom (2 AI2s, 2 OS pockets, 1 OS fold-in fitted, and 2 OS PUL covers), and NB-S on the higher tiers (1 FI2, 1 fleece cover, 1 bamboo fitted, 2 prefitteds, 2 PUL covers, and 2 pocket diapers).  Then there are 3 sets of pins, 2 snappies, and a detergent sample (also from

Have a good shower tomorrow mamaofemmalyn!


  1. That's an awesome diaper cake! So much squishy goodness!

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  3. Just what I want for my shower!