Friday, May 24, 2013

Cloth Baby Wipes

When my kids were babies, I just used plain baby washcloths.  You know, those thin little single-sided cotton terry ones that you can find at discount stores (my favorite is Ross) for <$5 for a 24-pack.  I still wait until I see a pack on clearance for $1.99-$2.99 and grab them for upcycling, gifting, and donations.  However, I know many people like thicker and more attractive cloth wipes.  Sooooo, this is how I make them now for cloth diaper cakes and diaper gifting.

One side baby terry (either those same pre-made baby washcloths or the fabric).  I have some REALLY soft bamboo baby terry that I got as seconds that would be so squishy and soft for these as well.  They're about an 8-inch square with rounded out corners.
 One side cute soft flannel.  I pre-wash/pre-shrink both fabrics before sewing.

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