Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Squaretab AIO Sewn-Up

This one will be a bit big and bulky for her for a while... ;) I couldn't resist sewing my first Elementalish AIO though.

I cut out the sewn-in contoured part of the soaker with 1 layer cotton heavy interlock shirting and 1 layer cotton baby terry. I then serged around the edges to fray-stop. I would have probably rather used one layer of heavy bamboo fleece, but I am all out. The inner petal style soaker is a 3-layer bamboo baby terry insert from Alva that I trimmed the edges down on and sewed to both ends of the contoured layer.

I cut a plain white PUL inner layer and cut out the contour hole. Then pinned the PUL in place over the soaker.

I used a zig-zag stitch around the edges.
Then I pinned the outer to the inner faces-in and sewed around the seam allowance.
Trim those sharp corners off and turn right-side-in.
Sew your elastic casings, add your elastic, top-stitch, and add your wing snaps and you're done!
I decided to do a ruffled back but keep the leg openings plain. It could be done either way though. There was enough allowance around the contour to do a tight ruffle too. :)

Links to my PDF templates are here:

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  1. Hi arfy, I just wondered if you could tell me how you sew your elastic casings and then add the elastic, I usually sew it on before I turn the diaper but your way looks a little neater. Happy New year!! :)