Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, I won't be sewing for a while....

Our basement flooded tonight. My sewing room was/is in the basement.

Two hours ago it was full of fabric, a cutting table, a bed, a big "L" desk with two sewing machines and a serger....

Now it looks like this:


  1. Oh no!! I was worried about all this rain we've been having (I live in Marysville and I remember from Babycenter that you live somewhere like MLT or LFP) - my parents place flooded a few years back when we had what seemed like endless rain and they live at the TOP of a hill. The water just came in through the foundation, and their homeowners insurance didn't cover "acts of God". My thoughts are with you!

  2. Yeah! LFP. Our insurance is the same way. Rah rah rah!

  3. I am soo soo sorry about your house I would be devistated so please don't think I'm only thinking about what is best for me but did you get that tutorial posted for the baby doll carrier. I only ask because my 4 year old daughter wants one. She came to me with a list of things she wanted me to sew for her babies: panties, a scarf and a baby carrier. Well I've made the scarf, the panties, and evening gown and finishing up a bathing suit and do you know what the first thing she tells everyone? "My Mommy is going to make me a baby carrier, she hasn't yet though, she made me panties and a scarf but not the baby carrier yet." So I scoured the internet today and your pattern is the ONLY one that is the kind that I have and therefore the one that she wants!
    It's totally fine if you haven't yet I was just wondering if I missed it somehow, totally understand that is no where near the top of your list just wondering.
    P.S. Do you have a tutorial for the diapers? She saw them and now wants diapers now too....thanks. J/K I love you stuff!
    Please respond to
    Thank you and good luck with your house!