Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I haven't forgotten!

Things have just been VERY busy. October through mid-November was a BUSY month. We went on a trip to Walt Disney World, I had to sew presents for my son's October birthday, make a newborn stash for a friend's Halloween baby, and I had to sew costumes for a friend's mid-November performance. I also stitched up over a DOZEN bamboo fitteds, 6 PUL covers, some wipes, and some hemp OBV-topped doublers for another friend.

I had to put the SSC on the back-burner for a month, but I did do some pattern revisions and partial mock-ups during that time.

Today I cut out the fabric for the first "final" adult version. The one I'll be taking step-by-step photos of while sewing for the photo tutorial element of that pattern. I still need to "digitize" my template pieces (which are cut out of paper grocery bags currently) too though. :)

Adult buckle and webbing kit:
Deluxe kit add-ons:
Starting the pre-sewing fabric prep:
Heavy Duty thread I'll be using:
Not pictured yet are the foam and fiber-fill...

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  1. I'd love to see how it turned out! Also, where did you buy your buckles from?