Monday, September 5, 2011

My Current Personal Project

(The print color is actually much browner and darker in person...)

I won't be able to do many tutorials this month because I am working on some diapers to gift a long-time friend couple of mine!

I did this first one as sort of a prototype to see if my ideas would work out.

I will be doing a mix of Newborn-Small size covers and OS covers/AI2 shells and pockets.

My friends are really into a Steampunk and are self-proclaimed "Goths."

Here is an image showing some Steampunk-themed costuming:
These are the fabrics I have to work with right now. I need to buy some bronze metallic snaps, and I need to find some dark color pinstripes or something like that as well.

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  1. So CUTE!!!! I want to get into make my own diapers but I am so nervous. I want to do it to save and maybe make money but I am worried I will ruin pul and end up with leaking diapers.