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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Snap-On Hook and Loop Tabs

I saw a woman on my sewing board do this and thought it was brilliant.  She said she saw a youtube tutorial that did something similar as well.

So basically...  You start with your diaper all sewn up.  No laundry tabs needed.  Just the loop strip across the front (and whatever, if any, rise snaps you need).  You then sew up your H&L tabs.  You can use pre-cut die-cut tabs, or shape them yourself like I do.
 Apply snaps to the corners of your tabs.  Studs on the hook side.
 Caps on the loop side.
 Then, spaced the same width apart, sockets up on your wings.
 Your tabs now snap easily on and off of your diaper.
 The adjustability (and babysitter friendliness) of H&L and the ease of care of snaps.
 Tabs popped off:
 Here they are overlapped on the NB setting.
I love this idea from a production stand-point as well.  It would be soooo easy to make all your tabs the same size with the same width snap-placement.  Then they are interchangeable and easy to replace if they get damaged or lost.

** Also, if you do each tab with a socket AND a stud and each wing the same way, the wings could snap together and also be self-clipping for line-drying.  Make sure your tabs are wide enough so the snaps are set far enough apart to snap together around your clothes line.  :)
  Always put the studs and sockets on the same sides for universal tabs.

  Snap onto your clothes line for drying without clothes pins:

 Mess containment with tabs already removed:
 Should work with any type diaper with short enough wings to use this style of cross-over tabs...


  1. Nice!! Thanks for the great ideas. I can see this being so useful.

  2. This is such a great idea! I wish I had seen this tutorial before I went and applied a gazillion snaps. Lol! My next batch I will try this for sure.

  3. where would I buy those snaps?