Sunday, August 6, 2017

Selling off most of my PUL! Will ship internationally.

MAJOR PUL Destash Time!!!

If I were to package up a bunch of DC (diaper cuts) grab-bags, would there be much interest? I would sort them into G/B/GN (girl/boy/gender neutral) and into solids and prints, and probably have 10 DCs (either 20"x20" or 20"x18" or a mix depending on my remnant widths) per "pack" and I could throw multiple packs into shipping packaging to save the most on shipping.

I will take a few general "what you might expect" photos, but they'd be generally blind grab bags. I have tried doing 1:1 fabric sales before with yardage and larger cuts by request etc. I just don't want to spend that kind of time or do that much individual communication. I'd love to just pre-cut what I have left, sort, bag up small grab-bags, and throw whatever is purchased into shipping boxes and polymailers depending on the quantity purchased.

I know that things like that used to sell well on eBay, but it seems like people don't use eBay much anymore for expanding their PUL collections. I'm honestly not sure where the best places to destash would even be these days. Any suggestions are welcome!

I am in the Seattle area, but I am more than happy to ship. I will be selling the stuff off for cheap, so shipping costs should still be worthwhile. I also have a LOT of older and harder to find PUL prints... in addition to some of the more common stuff and solids.
I just don't get invited to many baby showers these days, and most of my own family are done having babies. So, I really only need to keep a little bit here for the occasional gifts or wet-bags for other uses etc. :)

Please comment with any advice or suggestions!


  1. Would love if you did this kinda of PUL diaper cut destash sale! i am just starting to learn about cloth diapering and look forward to collecting lots of PULs for projects. i live in Illinois so this would have to be shipped to me. (I am originally from Portland, btw, so seeing you are Seattle is like old-home week for me!) best wishes, Suzanne

  2. I would be very interested! I use mostly solids, Or, if you had any AWJ, suedecloth, or velour I would be interested in that as well. And snaps! I can pay this Saturday. I will check back to see if you decide to move forward with a sale. :)

    1. Oh! It couldn't be that soon. I was just trying to plan out HOW I'll do it. My kids go back to school after Labor Day, so I was thinking that I would sort, cut, package, and list once they're back in school. So, next month. We have guests right now anyway, and my sewing+fabric room it also my guest room.

  3. I'm interested! Facebook groups would be the perfect place to do this. There's one called "cloth diaper sewing" and the members link your blog all the time!

  4. I would be interested...sewing diapers for those in need since I do not have grandkids. The more I can save, the better. I am south of Portland, Oregon

  5. I'm interested! Need to make some mama cloth pads for a chronic health condition I have and wetbag and even though I love fun prints I can be less picky if needed❤️ as cheaper is better for me! Email

  6. Yes yes yes! I'lm definitely interested!

  7. I'm interested!! Please let me know the details when you have it figured out :)

  8. I am interested! Not sure the best system to use that would be the least hassle on your end though.

  9. I'm interested! Just getting started.