Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Seattle-area Fabric Destashing

I am cleaning up my sewing room and I have a TON of diaper-sewing fabrics to destash. I only ever bought when I had FABULOUS deals. So, everything is super cheap. If any of you are local to me and want to come shop in my sewing room, I promise it'll be worth your while!

Send me a mesg. I also teach free diaper-sewing lessons.

- Arfy


  1. Hi - I'm interested. Where is local to you? I'm Wellington region

    1. I live in north King County. Just north of Seattle proper.

    2. I'm along I-5. I looked up where Wellington is. That is quite a ways east of here.

  2. I'm about to buy stuff. If you're still selling please let me know! Lmsmith33@gmail.com.
    I'm local and could meet any day :)

  3. I'm interested, however im not local but im willing to pay for shipping :) im am a first time grandma and have never sewn a diaper, im interested in making the pocket kind. Thanks in advance. If you can help me out of ship me something let me know, send to truth4me@rocketmail.com Thanks in advance! LOVE your site!!!

  4. Do you still do this? I live in Puyallup