Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Looking for some Seattle metro area support!

Hello out there!

Well, for the second time, my application to host a "Share the Love" branch in the most populated area in the Pacific Northwest was rejected. There are no sites that already serve this area (King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.) I used to volunteer with the Rebecca Foundation, but there is a new local chapter president and she didn't seem to want my help. However, there are a lot of limits to what we can do with that structure, and I am looking to help more that I was able to through them.

Share the Love's response: "Thank you for your interest in becoming a Share the Love host. We sincerely appreciate each and every host application. After reviewing the structure of our current host network we will not be moving forward with your host site application. We will reach out to you in the future if the structure of the program changes. We wish you the absolute best in your parenting journey. Thank you again for your interest in helping needy families get access to cloth diapers."

So, I REALLY want to help set up a STRONG and LOCAL cloth diaper charity solution for my community members who are in financial need but want to cloth diaper their babies, toddlers, and special needs children! If anyone reading this (or their employer) might want to back a local cloth diaper charity program, I am offering my time, sewing and repair skills, meeting/teaching venue, and current loaner stashes (I have enough to get things rolling for a few families while we gather and assemble more.) I would also be happy to teach people to repair and make their own using recycled commonly found materials so they can support themselves more down the road. All we would need is someone to back it and do the legal side of things.

Come on Seattle metro area!!! Lets make this happen!

- Arfy