Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wool Covers from Old Sweaters

I went through my old box of wool sweaters (some merino wool, some lambs wool, and some wool+cashmere blends) and decided to have some fun with Katrina's soaker patterns again.

I googled for some easy applique designs and cut up the scraps to make appliques.  I will do some girly fleece applique designs soon too (none of the sweaters I had were suitable for very girly covers this time.)


  1. So cute!! For the longies, do you essentially make a long cuff (a tube/rectangle)? Or do you shape it in some way (sort of like the shape of a sleeve on a shirt)?

    1. Nah, they're not doubled over like cuffs (unless you're using a VERY thin sweater and want to do that.) They just have a finished edge (like the end of a sleeve or the waist edge of the sweater.

    2. Do you shape the top of the legs in some way, where they attach to the soaker? Or are they straight like cuffs?

  2. The way you do leg bands - will save me from a lot of annoyance in the future. Lol thanks for sharing!