Friday, April 17, 2015

Reversible Heavy-Wetter T-Shirt Fitted Diaper

One of my husband's work shirts got a few holes and stains on it, and this morning he said to me, "you can do whatever you want with it."  Muah ha ha...  So, I'm sure you all know immediately where my mind went!

More T-shirt diapers!!!

I also got a free Seahawks T-shirt at one of the home games last Winter, but they only had large sizes.

So...  How about a reversible 2-T-shirt fitted diaper? Great for older heavy-wetting babies or overnights.  :)

 I used my M/L fitted template for this. I cut off the sleeves to begin with.
I traced it on the first T-shirt, and used scissors to cut out just one layer.
 View with the shirt opened up.
Really, the T-shirt is just like cotton jersey fabric yardage. 
 Then, I used my rotary cutter to cut out all the other layers.

 2 layers of one shirt, and 2 layers of the other.
 Faces inward, and from here you just follow my basic diaper tutorial for the shell.
 Next, just cut up the remaining yardage into your soaker/insert.
I decided to use my non-serged insert/soaker method.  It seemed the most practical.
I had enough fabric for a 7-8 layer soaker/insert out of each shirt.
 Everything all ready to stitch up.
All sewn up! A walking foot is your best friend with jersey fabrics.

 For smaller size babies, you can fold down the rise and just use one of the inserts.

 Then add the second when they start to pee more or move up to the higher rises.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Side-Snapping Katrina's Soaker

 Katrina's soaker patterns can be easily modified to make side-snapping (or velcro) covers.
All you do is extend the sides of the body piece about 3/4" at the sides.  Then you don't sew the leg and waist pieces all the way to the ends, and just fold over the edges of the body piece so you have the thicker edges for applying snaps.

 Then just apply your snaps or velcro.
 Go Hawks!   ;)

 Sea-hawks.... I have mentioned I am in Seattle before, right?  ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wool Covers from Old Sweaters

I went through my old box of wool sweaters (some merino wool, some lambs wool, and some wool+cashmere blends) and decided to have some fun with Katrina's soaker patterns again.

I googled for some easy applique designs and cut up the scraps to make appliques.  I will do some girly fleece applique designs soon too (none of the sweaters I had were suitable for very girly covers this time.)