Friday, June 21, 2013

Cloth Diaper Cake #4

This was the second winner of the last drawing.  She is expecting a baby boy and has a fish-themed nursery planned.  It was HARD finding suitable prints...

 Wipes, prefolds, and contours as a base.
 Covers, pockets, AI2s, AIOs, and fitteds on the outside.
 Boxed up for transport.
I hope she takes some nice pictures of it set-up.  :)


  1. hi there, I found your blog from searching for ideas on how to make a cloth diaper cake. I've made (a rather enormous) sposie cake before, but not a cloth one, and everything I was trying was a fail! I like what you did here, it turned out great.
    thanks for having this on your page so I had a little inspiration.