Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seattle Area People!

Anyone local to me, expecting a new baby, and planning a baby shower soon?  Or have a close friend planning one and planning to cloth-diaper that you want to surprise with an awesome CD gift!?

I have made an offer here:

Basically, I will make one local lucky person a fancy schmancy cloth diaper babyshower cake!  I'll do it in their theme colors or patterns, etc. if they have one.  It'll be snazzy, and I'll take a photo of it for all the rest of my readers to see as well.  ;)

Comment up here or post on the babycenter thread, and I'll do a random number drawing to choose one or two winners!  I'll choose the winners on May 1st!

I just did this little one for a shower later today (April 13th).  It has 4 premium prefolds as the core of the base layer.  Then 4 infant prefolds as the second tier's core.  Then 4 preemie prefolds at the top with 2 snappies and 1 pair of diaper pins.  The outside of the bottom tier has 2 Sunbaby OS pocket diapers, 1 Diaper Rite OS pocket diaper, and 1 AIO that I made, and 2 extra bamboo inserts.  The second level has 1 NB-S pocket diaper, 1 aplix with loop fabric NB-S cover, 1 snaps NB-S cover, 1 NB-S fitted diaper, 1 XS fold-in fitted diaper, and a couple extra inserts/doublers.


  1. That is so cool. I'm due end of June...

  2. Saw your post on BBC. I have a friend due in early August and think this would be a great way to share my love of cloth with her.

    1. Is she having and organized baby shower?

  3. I'm going to share this with my cousin. Too bad I don't live closer to you! :(

  4. Count me in... I'm due in Oct and 2 close friends due in May!

  5. I WISH I was in the local area...but I'm down in Reno, NV :-(