Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quick-Dry Fitted

Well, obviously the purpose of the fold-in fitteds is easy wash and quick-drying.  However, you can assemble your regular fitteds to get the same effect.

Basically...  You just keep each "layer" of the fitted diaper fairly thin.  My body/shell of this fitted diaper (T&Ted but using my serged fitted template) was an inner layer of a fairly plush cotton velour. and an outer layer of regular weight bamboo fleece topped by a thin cotton knit print.

My snap-in petal soaker is then a top "layer" of 1 layer cotton velour and 1 layer of heavy bamboo fleece.  The bottom layer/petal is 2 layers of regular weight bamboo fleece.  The pieces are serged together and then just stitched together across the very top with the snap going only through the bottom petal.

View of the soaker snapped into the shell.

Higher rise setting.
 Lower rise with the umbilical snap snapped-down.

For a larger size fitted, or a night-time fitted, you'd need more petals in your soaker, or you could use a long-fold soaker.  The goal is just to keep each sewn layer thin for easy washing and drying.

If I were to make this same diaper with T-shirts or just jersey or flannel, I'd use 4 layers for the shell with the elastic running through the middle.  Then 3-4 layers for each petal in the soaker.  :)


  1. Do you have any patterns that are available for one to make and sell?

    1. You can use any of my templates to make diapers to sell. Just don't try and sell the templates themselves or claim credit for the design. ;)

    2. absolutely! i would gladly credit you for your fabulous designs!

  2. We can use any of your templates but credit you? I would love to do that! How do we credit you? Do we just put "pattern made by Arfy"?