Friday, March 29, 2013

For the Heavy-Wetter

My new Extra Large pocket AIO pattern had me thinking about how easy that would be to turn into an overnight solution for late potty-trainers or larger heavy-wetters.

Here we have the basic pocket AIO set next to a premium prefold that I have trimmed down a little to be the right insert length for the diaper.
 Just fold the prefold as if you'll be doing an Angel-Wing fold...  but as an insert in the pocket.
 Place the insert making sure that the edges are nicely fitted to the pocket diaper's body.
This gives all the absorbency of both a large diaper insert plus a prefold, but with the prefold spread across the butt, it won't have the lumpy bulk of most doubled up inserts.  You can spred out the front a little as well, but I just left that as-is.  Just make sure the middle is narrow enough so the leg elastic still fits close to the body...  Too much insert width and/or bulk will create a poor fit around the legs.


  1. Hei! I love your diapers :) But have you some pattern with gussets(inside longer gussets)...

    1. I don't... and the reason is that I never found them to actually be any better at containment nor fit. However, for the FOE covers, there are many inner gusset with FOE tutorials on the web. :)

    2. Thank you!I watched some tutorials,but i like your patterns so much...and i want to try make from your patterns.