Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OS Fold-In Fitted Diaper

My diaper-sewing friends on have been playing around with QSFW-style fitted diapers this week.  So, I decided to do one as well.  :)

Template over an approx. 18.5" square (2 layers of cotton fleece.)
Scraps used for snap-backings.
Front and rise snaps added.
 Ready to serge together (serge without the knife to get around the sharp inner curves.)
 Serged all around leaving the front open for adding elastic.  Elastic casings sewn.
Elastics installed, wing snaps added, and front serged closed.
 Flaps folded into wetzone soakers.
Top/outside view.

Templates can be downloaded here: 

Someone asked me how it is that I do the inside curves with my serger.  You just have to drop your cutting knife.  It is a little different on different types of machines, but I'll show how mine lowers.
My knife was VERY sticky the first time I tried to drop it.  I had to push VERY hard and even then it was gunked up and didn't want to turn.  Now it is easy and lubed up a bit.
Open both doors on your serger.
Push HARD on that knob and you'll see the knife push out...
Then, while pushing, rotate it clockwise...
When rotated all the way down, it will lock back in like this:
Then you close the doors again and serge with no knife!  :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barter Stash

I have been sewing this newborn girly stash up for a local professional photographer.  She will be doing the photography for my soon to be released eBook!

She is pregnant right now with her third girl.  Sewing up teeny tiny fluff is so fun!!!

Templates can be downloaded here:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Serged Newborn AIO or AI2

I had some people try out the serged fitted as an AIO.  It was a little low on coverage for an AIO or AI2.  So, I just drafted this up.  It should fit the bill better and be sort of similar to the Grovia NB AIOs with the fleece inner and flap-style soaker (I've never seen one of those in-person though).  The template for this is HERE.

The sample I did was the AIO sewn-in soaker version. My layers are microfleece stay-dry top, then two layers of cotton fleece, and then heavy bamboo fleece on the bottom.

 First, serge around your flap-style soaker.
Pin your soaker to your anti-pill fleece inner.
 Use a zig-zag stitch to sew down the top end and keep it flush.
Then, serge around the body of the diaper keeping the front open.
View from the top PUL fabric side:
 Add your elastic casing channels and install your elastic.
Serge closed the front of the diaper, and add your wing snaps and top umbilical snap.
  Finished inside: