Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anyone in the Seattle area?

If anyone is reading this and lives in the general Seattle, WA (King or Snohomish counties) area, and might want to help me a little with a new project (no sewing experience needed), please leave me a note!  I just need an extra pair of hands (and "little helper" hands just won't work).

:)  BIG thanks!  I hope there are some locals out in the vast internet universe reading this.  ;)


  1. I know its a bit late but if you ever need help I would love to. I live in Everett and would love to learn something new ;)

  2. Do you have a swim diaper pattern? I looked, but didn't see one. Not sure where to ask lol, so I'm asking here. I'm in the seattle area -- not that it matters since you asked almost a year ago!

    1. I have never made a swim diaper pattern. I always just used unstuffed pocket diapers or AI2 shells with my kids though. It was great because I could just stuff them or add a lay-in insert and use them while they played on the beach as well.

  3. I live in Kenmore. If in the future you need diaper-related help I am all for it. I just started researching sewing my own dipes, but I just have a serger and no sewing machine. Can it still be done?