Monday, October 22, 2012

Sized Fitted Tester Template

Someone requested a sized fitted template.  This is just a first draft "tester" plan.  The snap placements are just guesses as I don't have a chance to sew any up and see how they actually line up.  I have the template up on Google Docs for now.

I didn't add any elastic casing guides or seam lines yet.  The idea for this one is for a basic serged outer fitted.  The elastic would run along the mostly-straight middle area and across the middle 50% of the back.  :)


  1. Was there ever an update done for this? I'm so excited to use this template but didn't know if there was anything adjusted

  2. I am also searching for an answer to this question... Enquiring minds want to know..I prefer sized over OS, and would prefer to pin (just love pins!). Your patterns are all so wonderful! I am planning to use this template as well, can update...