Saturday, August 4, 2012

OS Squaretab with a Double Welt Pocket

I started by cutting out my suedecloth for the pocket diaper inner.  Then, about 3 inches from the top/back, I cut a 5" long slit right in the middle, and then little angled slits out from the ends so that when folded back there would be a small rectangular opening.  I took some photos of this process on scrap white fabric with black marker showing folds, cutting, and sewing lines so it is easier to see.  I then cut out two 7"x 3" rectangles and folded them in half length-wise.

Here they are pinned to the back of the opening of the inner suedecloth:
 This photo shows the back side:
 I did a tight zig-zag stitch around the edges to sew the folded pieces onto the inner fabric:
 I then trimmed off all the excess fabric from the back side to leave this clean pocket opening:

Here are my inner and outer fabrics all prepared and pinned together ready to sew:
 Sewn together faces-in and corners trimmed ready to invert through the pocket:
 Turned right-side-out and top-stitched (for ruffled elastic casings):
 Casing channels sewn:
 Close up of the casing channel for ruffled elastic:
 Shown with the elastic threaded:
 Finished outer (I made this one a 3x3 rise):
 Finished pocket inner without insert:
Insert stuffed:

You can print or download any of my templates linked here:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunbaby-ish Pocket Diaper

 I don't know how many of you know that I designed the original Sunbaby 4.0 hip snap layout for Sunpei.  (  I bought a dozen 2.0s as a gift for a friend who was planning to cloth diaper early in the Summer of 2010.  They were very trim, but I realized that the leg openings would gap on a tiny newborn even though the rise would shrink down enough.

The original 2.0 mod: 
And this was how Sunpei applied it to the current Sunbaby 4.0 diaper design (they come in 2 sizes - both a one-size diaper though):

The snaps are set up the way they are on Sunbabies so that the hip snap is a socket with a smooth surface for chubby toddlers and babys where it would need to be unsnapped.  a stud placed there would rub and be sharp against their thighs.  That is why we set it up the way we did with the top row on the belly as sockets and the bottom as studs.  I'm pretty sure Alvababy copied the general hip snap design but didn't switch the rows like that, so all their wing snaps are studs (correct me if I am wrong).

The diaper below was made using my snap-down rise OS fitted template from the last post on the middle length tab setting with the tabs slimmed and angled a bit.

The hip snaps are placed one snap further toward the middle, and I have left the leg elastic fairly loose (it is for an older baby, so she shouldn't need the tight leg openings), but this is similar overall to how Sunbaby diapers are styled.

 The care tag sewn hidden under the upper pocket flap.

I used black PUL from, black Alova suedecloth from Joann Fabrics, and snaps from   :)