Wednesday, April 4, 2012

T&T Doll Diaper

Just a basic no-elastic and no absorbency doll diaper template... I am thinking of trying a few with PUL outers or just 2 layers of fleece with removable inside soakers for wetting dolls.


  1. If you put a little elastic around the legs/back, you could totally use that for a preemie diaper!

  2. hehehe Yeah. I do elastic in the legs (sewn into the inner seam allowance 3-step zig-zag style) for the dolls with skinny legs. I only use 2 layers for dolls though. If it were to be a real diaper, it'd need more crotch width just for containment and to have enough absorbency.

  3. My niece has a Baby Alive doll that wets and I was thinking about making a couple of diapers for her. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi, can you tell me what this pattern is called in your list of PDF patterns? I'm struggling to find it, thanks

    1. T&T Doll Diaper. Just like this post title. It is near the bottom of tte list.

  5. What size doll does this diaper fit?
    Thank you.