Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Squaretab AIO Sewn-Up

This one will be a bit big and bulky for her for a while... ;) I couldn't resist sewing my first Elementalish AIO though.

I cut out the sewn-in contoured part of the soaker with 1 layer cotton heavy interlock shirting and 1 layer cotton baby terry. I then serged around the edges to fray-stop. I would have probably rather used one layer of heavy bamboo fleece, but I am all out. The inner petal style soaker is a 3-layer bamboo baby terry insert from Alva that I trimmed the edges down on and sewed to both ends of the contoured layer.

I cut a plain white PUL inner layer and cut out the contour hole. Then pinned the PUL in place over the soaker.

I used a zig-zag stitch around the edges.
Then I pinned the outer to the inner faces-in and sewed around the seam allowance.
Trim those sharp corners off and turn right-side-in.
Sew your elastic casings, add your elastic, top-stitch, and add your wing snaps and you're done!
I decided to do a ruffled back but keep the leg openings plain. It could be done either way though. There was enough allowance around the contour to do a tight ruffle too. :)

Links to my PDF templates are here:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to the Basics

I had 6 brand new unprepped infant prefolds here, and figured I should turn them into prefitteds for that same new baby. I discovered that my new squaretab newborn template fits PERFECTLY on unprepped CB infant prefolds!

I just rounded the front a little while serging for a smoother look. I figure they'll shrink enough to fit quite nicely into the NB covers I have made too.
So, Nora will get 6 brand new newborn size prefitteds as well.

Squaretab Newborn AI2

My husband's co-worker had a new baby... so, I HAD to break out the sewing machine! I mean seriously, who can resist newborn fluff?

2-rises and small enough to even be a 'sposie cover...
Recognize that pattern teaser from the last post... ;)
But I top-stitched first to make it a ruffled AI2 shell...
Elastic added.
Plus a 4-layer snap-in long-fold soaker.
I hope they like it!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Newborn Squaretab AIO/AI2/Pocket Template

One of my husband's co-workers had a new baby and is cloth-diapering... Something the father said inspired a new pattern idea...

AI2 inside with snap-in soaker:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Newborn-Small Fitted Diaper Sewn-Up

I pulled out my sewing machine and set up at my daughter's toddler desk to try and sew up a sample of the revised NB-S fitted pattern. However, I was having problems with my bobbin tension. So, the stitching is very ugly. However... at least it is easier to SEE this way. ;)

Below are the diaper cuts arranged by top and bottom pieces with snaps applied through te top 3 layers. I used 4 layers of a T-shirt-like jersey fabric and one layer of upcycled cotton print from a pair of pajamas.

Here is the top view of the top section.

Everything pinned together faces toward eachother ready for sewing.

Sewn around with a fairly wide stitch in the seam allowance.
** A walking foot is your friend, when sewing with jersey.

Turned right-side-out through the open front.

Elastic casings sewn and soaker snap added.

Elastics sewn in.

Inside view.

Ready to close up that opening in the front.

Front closed up close to the edge (or many people like to serge here).

Top-stitching finished and the remaining snaps applied.

Small setting row.

Newborn setting row with umbilical snap-down.

Optional 3.5" wide snap-in long-fold soaker.

Soaker snapped into the diaper.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Changes to the Newborn-Small Fitted Template

I worked up a sample NB-S fitted from my original pattern and decided to make a few changes. I think you will like this one better. :)

Slightly shortened wings, lengthened elastic casings, and some changes to snap placement:

Inside view showing hidden snap caps:

I have put all my templates online for free download and printing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Squaretab AI2 design into a Pocket Diaper



These will be your two fabric pieces that make up your pocket diaper inner. Stitch down the finished sides as shown below.

Secure your two pocket fabric pieces together leaving the defined pocket opening shown below.
Sew your laundry loop tabs in place (if using H&L).

Turn over your joined inner pocket pieces and tack your wing hook & loop tabs in place between the two layers (if using H&L). They will flip outward when the diaper is turned right-side-out.

Sew all the way around and turn through the pocket opening. Then add your top-stitching and elastic casings as marked in the AI2 template. :)

** You can easily add a strip of PUL at the front of the inner pocket fabric as well like Bumgenius and Sunbaby do. You would incorporate that just before you attach the pocket body with the top flap pieces.

OR... make it into an AIO...