Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sneak Peek of something NEW!

Well, since my youngest is now potty-trained... I will soon stop sewing cloth diapers (at least none for my own family). Soooo, I have taken on a few new projects.

One is a quilt that my son requested I sew for him over a year ago made from many of his old character pajamas. He told me I was NOT allowed to give away several of them. So, I am trying to get that done before Christmas for him.

I also have to make him two pairs of pajamas before his birthday (on Halloween).

AND, I promised a friend that I would help her sew some costumes for a stage show that she'll be doing in November.

BUT, lastly is a little project that I have taken on for some of my online sewing friends.
It is an "SSC" or "Soft Structured Carrier." I will be making two adult-size patterns for baby/toddler-wearing... but, I will also be doing matching doll-carrier patterns for kids!
I will also be selling a few "kits" that include buckles, triglides, and the straps (webbing) needed for each pattern.

Here is a little preview graphic of just the INSIDE of the adult carrier (I don't want to give too much away just yet)!


  1. Did you ever release this pattern? I'm very interested!

    1. I was warned about liability issues with a baby carrier sewing pattern. However, I did release the child/doll version. I do need to rework it for toddlers and small preschools soon though.

    2. Man, liability issues really do kill the fun sometimes :(